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Security measures

Security Protocols

Procedures are subject to change to adjust to new government decrees.

We are attentive and zealous regarding the adoption of measures to combat and prevent COVID-19, including compliance with government protocols and legislation on the subject. For this reason, some spaces and services may undergo adjustments in their daily operation, including the reduction of supply, or even the interruption of their availability.

For your knowledge, comfort and safety, we ask that you carefully read the provisions and recommendations below:

  • Your body temperature will be measured at the entrance of the hotel and during all days of your stay, when accessing the restaurant where breakfast will be served. The eventual finding of a temperature of 37.8 degrees will subject the guest to an immediate interruption of the stay.

  • It is essential to wear a mask in social and leisure areas, including when entering and leaving restaurants. The protection can only be removed at the time of feeding.

  • We strongly recommend the recurrent use of the sanitization points located in the various areas of the hotel.

  • The entire hotel team also complies with the safety and use of PPE protocols, in addition to the daily measurement of body temperature.


  • To expedite your check-in, we ask that you have all documents, including those of the children, at hand (Art.82 of Federal Law 8.069/1990). All interactions must respect the minimum distance from the service desk.

  • The valet service is optional, as is the transport of luggage to your apartment. Dismiss them if it makes you feel more secure.

  • The aesthetic and body therapy services work by appointment.

  • The use of the gym must take place by appointment, individually or with members of the same family, by time.

  • Bars and restaurants operate with tables and chairs spaced apart.

  • Horse rides take place by appointment and with groups of members of the same family.

  • The sanitizing products used in the hotel are certified by WHO.