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Security Protocols

Procedures are subject to change to adjust to new government decrees.

  • Sale of 70% of apartments.

  • Measurement of body temperature at the hotel concierge and every morning at breakfast. If the temperature is higher than 37.8ºC, the guest cannot stay at the Hotel.

  • The use of masks in the social and leisure areas is essential. Even when entering and leaving restaurants, removing protection only at the time of feeding.

  • We provide personal sanitation points in different areas of the hotel.

  • Use of carpets with sanitizer at the entrance of the hotel to clean the shoes.

  • We work with Day Use from Monday to Thursday (except holidays and weekends).

  • The entire team will be using the necessary PPE's, masks and gloves. And also measuring body temperature.



Upon check-in, we ask that you have documents in hand, including those of all children, to speed up the process. All interactions at the reception must respect the minimum distance from the service desk.

Messengers and Valets

  • Valet service is optional.

  • Luggage loading to the apartments optional.


  • Massage and aesthetics services with prior appointment.

  • Gym will operate by appointment, with a maximum of 4 people per hour.

Bars and restaurants

  • Spacing between tables.

  • Breakfast - 7:30 am to 10:30 am

  • Lunch - 12h00 to 15h00

  • Dinner - 7pm to 10pm

  • A la carte service


  • The programs must be carried out in outdoor activity stations. In case of bad weather, they will be suspended.

  • Leisure programs will be held only outdoors.

  • Children's meals should also take place with the parents.

  • Musical concerts will only take place outdoors.


  • Ziplines, trails and sport fishing are available with marked spaces.

  • In order to reduce agglomerations, adventure activities are subject to suspension without notice.

Equestrian Center

Horseback riding, by appointment, with groups of the same family only.


  • Upon check-in, the guest can choose whether or not to receive an employee for storage during their stay.

  • Cleaning protocol will focus on sanitizing the areas and the products have WHO certificates.

  • Our team will pass through common access areas, cleaning several times a day to ensure that your accommodation is even more secure and special.